Saturday, July 17, 2010

Speed Dating Events in Phoenix, Arizona

Hello Everyone,

Here's a first of the many... We are hosting two speed dating events for different age groups in Phoenix, AZ on July 23rd 2010 at Marjele's Sports Grill...

Here are the details :

Venue : Marjele's Sports Grill, 24 N Second Street, Phoenix, Arizona

Age Groups : 25 - 35 and 35 - 55

Cost : $20

Promo Code : For a limited time, use the Promo Code SDN5 to get a $5 Discount.

For more info about the events log on to our website

Also, if you'd like to know more about speed dating go to our website or simply shoot us an email at and we'll promptly respond at the earliest.

Thank you and have a great day. See u soon...

Speed Date Net

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